Classroom Environment

The environment that the teacher provides within the classroom is very important in giving students the best opporunity to develop their reading comprehension. An environment that allows for:

  • time reading different types of text genres,
  • time exploring those text types,
  • texts that relate to the students and brings purpose for them
  • and most importantly teacher student discussion.

Duke, N. K., & Pearson, D. P. (2002). Effective practices for developing reading comprehension. In What research has to say about reading instruction. Newark, Del: International Reading Association.


Literacy is everyones business!

Another great article that i have found by the Department of Education and Children’s Services in South Australia. This has some great ways of implementing comprehension research into practice.

Konza, D. (2011). Research into practice: Comprehension. Retrieved from

What is reading comprehension..


Comprehension is the ultimate goal of reading, and the means by which much cognitive growth, learning, and sheer enjoyment occurs. Comprehension enhances both the quality of our learning and the quality of our lives (Konza,2011).

Konza, D. (2011). Research into practice:Comprehension. Retrieved from